Location 112/8 Quaid-e-Azam Industrial
Estate Lahore, Pakistan

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Shoaib Salim Malik


Shoaib Salim Malik believes in gaining employee confidence, faith and trust by keeping a good line of communication with everyone. He promotes knowledge sharing in order to find new ideas and is able to extract methods from those ideas that would benefit the organization.

Fawad Salim Malik


Fawad Malik is an individual with an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans and transforming those plans into actions. He highly values knowledge, competence, and structure and thrives due to his knack for long-term thinking and planning.

Azfar Nawaz


Azfar Nawaz’s personality, knowledge, diverse experience, humble approach, and instinctive business mind-set makes him a great person to work alongside.

Adeel Nawaz


Adeel Nawaz is a dedicated professional and likes to take charge by continually engaging with the team and employees to ensure all plans and strategies are discussed and executed to perfection. Being an open-minded person, he is always open to ideas supported by sound logic and relevance.